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  • Velocity Cross fade - zero volume adjustment - possible?

    Hi VSL community,

    I find myself utilising velocity x-fade frequently with ensemble instruments, however velocity x-fade appears to not fade to zero. As a work around, when I need a phrase to fade to zero volume, I use expression at the very end of the phrase  to continue the fade-out from the minimum volume of the x-fade.

    The problem with the above is that it is an extra step and is time consuming - is there a way of "instructing" Velocity x fade to fade to zero rather than just to the minimum velocity layer?

    Any help would be really appreciated - as mentioned above - balancing the vel x fade and then having to adjust the expression at the end of the fade out to zero volume is a hassle. 

    Many thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide. 

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Nessein, 

    You are doing this correctly (= as most people do it). 

    You could also assign Expression to the same CC as Velocity XF and assign a specific curve to it, so that it only kicks in audibly at lower values. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Nessein,

    you can use the Dynamic Range Scaler. In VI and VI Pro it is located in advanced view on the performance tab and labeled DynR. Set it to maximum and you can x-fade your velocity to zero.

    I hope this is what you needed.


  • Hi Paul / Pierre,

    Thanks heaps for the feedback.

    Pierre: indeed the Dynamic Range Scaler is exactly what I need.

    Thanks as always.

    Kind Regards,