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  • VSL and LPX 10.4 Articulations


    I would like to switch from Cubase back to LPX, but I have some problems with the articulation switching system in LPX and my extensive collection of VSL libs.

    I have managed to re-program all my VSL libs so that the key switch AND key switch velocity selects the the right cell, so the limited LPX system can manage that. But I have a problem with LPX sending key switches when I add the CC1, that I use for volume/XFade velocity.

    Looking at the VSL matrix during a play-back shows a constant flickering between the articulation that plays, and the default articulation, that often are the first in the matrix. Somehow it's completely insane that CC1's sends a articulation id/key switch, but until Apple get that straight what can I do?

    How do you managed this?

    Is it a problem that the VSL player are so "busy"?

    How do you manage this?

    Any help much appreciated!