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  • Recording Vienna Special Editon + Studio one V3


    i have some problems with recording one intrsument from the special Edition in Studio one V3. I have just a midi controller with 49 keys and the keyswitch of the most instruments from the special edition are positiones one octave beyond my keyrange of my 49 keys midi controller. I have the possibility to octafy over some switches but in this way it is not possibly to play comftable the whole part.

    At the moment i am composing and recoprding a new track. In this track i have, for the example, the second violins play a short time pizzicato, after this they have a pause followed by a legato part so it looks like: pizzicato-nothing-legato-nothing.

    In the pause time i have sitched from pizzicato to legat over pushing the matrx area with the mouse. If you check the complete part and push play there is just one kind of articulation, the last articulation are playing, in this case legato, over all the parts even the pizzicato part.

    Can someone help to solve my challenge?

    Best regard.


  • You can move/re-assign keyswitches to lower/higher octaves of your controller, according to playable range of the instrument you are playing.

    Check for tiny arrow cursor alongside the field indicating the keyswitch for each articulation.

    Hope it helps.

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