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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro distortion in Win10

    I'm posting this as a new subject because my case seems a little different from the other post on the subject of distortion. In my case:

    Everything works fine with Ensemble Pro stand-alone, but the same instruments are distored when run from the Ensemble Pro server version. It does not seem to matter what the DAW is--the distortion happens with Finale, Notion, StudioOne, and Sonar. And all the same way. That is, the stand alone version works fine.

    Also, it doesn't matter whether I load Vienna Instruments or Kontakt instances in Ensemble. The stand alone works, but the server version is distorted. 

    Starting and stopping the audio engine does not help. Also, going back as far as 15864 does not help or change the effect at all. The number of instruments loaded does not matter. Even loading just one results in the distortion. 

    The DAWs I mentioned can all load Vienna Instruments vst instances and run them without problems. 

    ALSO: The current version of Ensemble Pro server WAS working a few days ago. In the meantime, I'm not aware of making changes to my system. I've spent the last three days trying everything I could think of, so I am hoping that either someone has the answer, or (if it is a VSL related issue) there may be an update with a fix. I'm the first to say it may not be a VSL issue, but something has caused the server version to stop working for me.