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  • MIR Pro causes hang when closing Pro Tools


    I'm working with the demo of MIR Pro.  Pro Tools is 2018.3 and Windows 10 (latest update).  Windows Defender is off. If I initiate a single instance of MIR Pro as an insert, for example, when I quit Pro Tools it hangs (with the message Pro Tools has stopped working).  It will then restart Pro Tools automatically and then I can quit with no errors.  I tried the MIRx add-ons for Grosser saal and Mozartsaal.  Within Vienna Instruments I can use MIRx and now I can quit Pro Tools with no errors.  Though I will probably end up using MIRx, I would like to get MIR Pro working properly as an insert.


  • Hi Burningbusch,

    I don't have access to a recent version of ProTools under Windows ATM, so I can't add any meaningful information. In case the problem continues to bother you, please get in contact with, including as many technical details as possible and a short reference to this thread.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks, will do.

    Initially, I misunderstood MIRx and thought it still required MIR Pro/24 to function.  It might turn out to be the best option for me if I can't resolve this issue.