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    Hey guys and girls


    As of VEPRO 6 MAS is working again in DP. Apple's OS update 10.13.4 just came out of BETA! 




  • Hi ephanassai,

    Thanks for sharing - that´s great news!

    Just checked it myself and I can confirm that updating to macOS 10.13.4 seems to fix the incompatibility of VE Pro 6 with DP 9.51 in High Sierra!

    Best, Marnix

  • That is good news.

    And with all due respect to MOTU & VSL, it would be reaffirming if they would explicitly communicate this to their users as well.

  • Hi!

    Already done, we also contacted everybody with support cases in this regard!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul- Well I downloaded VEP 6 and installed it in DP 9.51 with the latest High Sierra update. When I open my DP file all the instances of VEP didn't load. I began replacing them with VEP 6 and reconnecting the midi channels figuring there were just some things that it wouldn't do automatically. But now I've found there is no VEP Pro MAS installed only AU. I reinstalled and still the same thing. The AU version works but I don't have as many midi channels which messes up my entire template. Why am I not seeing the MAS version? Any ideas?

  • Figured it out. The MAS plugin was disabled in MOTU. Not sure why but it's all working now. Nice win for VSL and MOTU getting the VEP MAS conflcit figured out. Thanks Paul.