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  • Very long time to display VI PRO in VE PRO


    I have a very annoying problem killing my workflow.

    In an instance of VE PRO, the first time I want to display a VI PRO (in the Instrument view), it takes a very long time to appear (between 5 and 10 seconds, totally unacceptable nowadays with so powerful and expensive workstations !), with VE PRO telling it isn't responding, with the famous blue circle.

    It wouldn't be a problem if I had only one instance, but I have 8. So, when I switch from an instance A to an instance B, if B was in Instrument view with a VI PRO, it takes long time to switch. And if not, when I click on an instrument to view it, it takes long time too. It occurs only with VI PRO, no problem with Kontakt, Play, Ivory... As if, each time we come in an instance, VI PRO had to be completely reloaded, with a lot of pain it seems.

    You may say it's not a problem since I shouldn't need to access the instruments very often, but yes : I need to do regular tweaks (I don't have a well balanced orchestra yet) or to select an articulation to play/test.

    My server project is not so big, it has a typical orchestra (essentially VSL instruments), and some other instruments (Kontakt). 265 channels, but only 83 enabled by default, which represents less than the half of my RAM (30 Go / 64). My VE PRO is set up to 30 MIDI ports.

    My only solution is to give up the cool feature of tabbed instances I adopted few weeks ago, and come back to a single big messy instance, which doesn't please me at all.

    Does somebody else see this problem ? If yes, did you find a solution, a workaround, a lead, a cause ? I already asked to VSL support, but they have no solution, and it looks like they find this normal for big projects (which is weird, since VE PRO is meant to have orchestral templates...). I don't accept it's normal !

    Thanks for your help,


    (Windows 10, latest versions of VE PRO and VI PRO, 6 cores @3,4GHz and 64 Go RAM)