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  • VEP6 - Unhandled exception crash overwriting Waves Reverb preset

    I have two instances of Waves Hybrid Reverb as external fx for Cubase (VEP inputs in Cubase 9.5) setup in my VEP server on my host PC (along with 9 Instances hosting various libraries). 

    I can save a new preset with no problems, but overwriting an existing preset (even one I created) causes VEP to crash with an unhandled exception error (Windows 8.1). I have had this happen a couple of times.  VEP completely crashes/exits to the desktop. 

    I think there may be a crash dump associated, but don't know where VEP stores dump files. 

    Has anyone else seen this with Waves or any other plugins or VIs hosted in VEP?  

  • I had this happen when I was trying to update a preset for a Meldaproduction plugin as well, so I don't think it is limited to Waves plugs. I could repeat it at the time. I am running Windows 10, so it also isnt just a Windows 8.1 thing. I have since stopped using the Audio Input feature. I now have a DigiGrid IOS server, so I dont really need to offload enough to bother with it.