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  • Exposure

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    This synchron strings demo is mostly dedicated to the double basses and cellos in a suspensful cinematic atmoshere.


  • Good grief! How are you creating these so quickly? This sounds very, very convincing. I could easily believe this was music for a suspenseful TV show or movie. The ending is just fabulous. Gorgeous colors. If you don't mind a question, what mics are you using?

  • Hi Guy,

    Once again, a very impressive and convincing demo piece. The observations by Paul are mine too. How on earth were you able to create such a masterful piece in such a short delay, finished to the most subtle details? The Synchron Strings are really gorgeous. First I had my doubts,  but with your latest peces you've persuaded me to change my first impression opinion!

    A very picturesque and imaginative composition with some rather unusual (in the meaning of not often heard) playing techniques for the basses and huge contrasts in volume layers. I like the delicate alienating string harmonies a lot as well.

    Thanks for sharing,


  • Wonderful composition Guy

    Impeccable sound, articulations and textures, interesting harmony and a good dramatic sense 

    Thanks a lot for sharing with us!



  • Thanks so much guys! Glad the basses were effective. 

    About the pace of my production, Hm, I didn't realize it this, I try to not be too tempted by Netflix. :)

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