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  • Mapping KeySwitches & MIDI Control Changes using FINALE Expression Tool

    I basically understand KeySwitch and Expression usage however I'm having trouble finding confirmation of how to map expression (CC & KS) articulations between Vienne Ensemble Pro 64-Bit (v5.4) and FINALE 25.5.  Referring to the screen shot attachment from Finale "Expression Tool" 0- you will see that the VE Expression mapping library is staged - ready to go - however I'm not sure how the numeric CC & KS assignments map to the VE MetaFrame project per each instruments' channel / output / CC / KS in the Finale Score.

    CC1:000 CC1:010 etc.    What does CC1 (versus CC2) really refer to versus ":000", "010" when it comes down to with interfacing VE MetaFrames to FINALE Expression Tool usage. 

    KS C#4   (Key Switchmaps to pitch C# Octave 4 assumed)


  • You need to look at the Matrix of each instrument in VI(Pro) to see Keyswitch notes and CC values.

    You should also setup as much as you can in HP, as there you can do both a KS and CC in one step.

    CC1 is, well, CC1. the next part is the value you setting it to.

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