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  • Missing "Set Color" Window in VEPro 6


    I'm creating a template with a lot of instances (I know that's not necessarily "preferrred").  Now with about 25-30 instances, I'm not getting a response anymore when I right-click and select "Set Color" (i.e., no color window pops up).  Or maybe it is popping up but is somehow minimized?  Any way I can force it to display?  I even tried restarting VEP and reloading the program and I'm haivng the same problem...


  • Hi John, 

    That's a known bug, I'm afraid. One way to get around it is to leave the color selection window open while you add more instances (just did that here, see screenshot). 

    Hope this is another bug that will be fixed with the upcoming VE PRO 6 sprint after the release of Synchron Player. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL