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  • Wind/breath controller expression curve settings

    I'm not sure which one of the VSL gurus uses a breath or wind controller but I am using an EWI. In a thread here it was mentioned to use CC2 for both Velocity crossfade and expression with some kind of altered curve on expression. Can someone share what they have found that works well? I'm playing with it but sure would help to lean on expertise and get the settings from someone who has been doing it longer than me.

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    Check out this video of Paul’s breath controller demonstration. [url=

    controller [/url]

  • I also use an EWI to play the strings. CC 2 (breath) is enough for me to control dynamics. I usually make some manual editing at the end of musical phrases to make the sound stop smoothly.

  • Hi, 

    I have never played an EWI, but that's what works for me: Choose a nice way to control Velocity Xfade (CC2) with your breath controller and then find a way to play with Expression for nice fade-outs or additional boosts (most people I know will use a slider). 

    The Hornberg HB-1, which I am using, lets you control up to 4 MIDI CCs with your breath, so one of the coolest things about this for me is that I can breathe OUT to control Velocity XFade and when I breathe IN I create a fade-out, controlling Expression. 

    Lots of possibilities there with the new Hornberg Control Software. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul and all- Thanks for the info. The EWI works for me because I grew up playing saxophone so it's more natural than a breath controller with a keyboard. I do love the fade you are getting with the hornberg.

    I've found the velocity cross fade alone to be less smooth than I'd like. I've been combining it with the expression and experimented with the expression curve. It seems to work well at .37 for me and feels more natural. We'll see if that holds as I work on other pieces.

    I'm still not to the point where any of this works live but in crafting a midi performance where I can tweak it to get it where I need it to be, these tools are pretty amazing. Thanks for you're expertise and incredible products.

    Hoping the MAS fix for High Sierra is around the corner. Had to go back to VEP 5 and re set up my template. It works but VEP 6 is a much more elegant interface. I know you and MOTU are working hard to find the solution.


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    @Another User said:

    TransMIDIfier provides convenient MIDI routing and virtual instrument patch switching and customization for the working musician. TransMIDIfier works by functioning as a "middle man" between the sequencer and the sample player. TransMIDIfier reinterprets the incoming MIDI data in powerful ways before passing it along to the sample player.

  • Watch this one :

    a killer

    There are many Youtube demo 

  • RLD- Thanks for the info on TEC. Yes, one of the things I love about the EWI is the ability to add vibrato with the bite controller for certain instruments. Feels extremely natural to me. Unfortunately the VSL instruments weren't really conceived that way and I have yet to dig in and program some kind of cross fade using the bite sensor in VSL between no vibrato and vibrato sustains. I tend to try and create the flow of a line first and then add keyswitches later to refine a performance in VSL. I'm not that gifted at doing two things at once. I tend to combine multiple patches from different companies to play to all their strengths. The SWAM instruments from Audio Modeling were built for breath and wind controllers and combining those with VSL is pretty stunning. I'm very happy with the results but I'm always looking for ways to get a better sound. VSL is the rock I build everything on. MIR has been a game changer for me.

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    By the way, do you know the Sylphyo made by Aodyo ? I tried it last year and it might replace my good old EWI in a near future. It really behaves like a wind instrument and responds even to shaking. And of course it is wireless.