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  • Route MIDI back to host

    Hi everyone,

    is it possible to send MIDI data generated inside a VST plugin on the VEP server back to the remote DAW?

  • Hi, 

    I'm afraid that's only possible by exporting the MIDI data and transferring it over to the DAW over network (the old-fashioned way). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • yu could try using bidule or element or ddmf meta plug in place of the instrumnet then chaining it to your instrumnt then also routing out of that instrumnt in a 2nd branch to a virutal midi cable out to whereever you need it.  the bidule 1 nodes are the in and out for the vepro track. The IAC bus 1 goes outside of vepro you would then choose iac-bus 1 as the input for the destination track in your daw or other program.. if your on a pc there are various virtual "midi" cable type programs out there.  NOTE i also use this trick to chain plugins in one vepro track. like an arp instrument that is kontakt based i like i just take the midi out of that and put it into a 2nd instrumnet that is the one i want to sound..