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  • Starting Synchron Strings crowdsource blog & forum challenges

    After speaking offline with a couple users regarding my previous post on the topic, and now that we have the completed Synchron Strings 1 library, we would like to soft-launch our "crowdsourced" Synchron challenges and unofficial blog.

    How it works...

    • Each month (or maybe more?) a challenge will be posted by me on the VSL forums.  
    • Interested users are encouraged to reproduce an 8-32 bar excerpt from a classical or film score and post it as a response with a short explaination of how they were able to render that excerpt.
    • Users are then encouraged to try out other's techniques to see how easily they can reproduce each other's submissions.  

    • When a plurality of users express approval of a certain method (or methods!) then that thread is retranscribed by me and posted on the blog.
    • Multimedia (videos, pictures, plus of course the audio) highly encouraged!
    • Initial post will include links to scores, plus rehearsals of orchestras/solo players on Youtube.


    This is meant to be fun and informative. It is not a competition of who is the best at mocking up excerpts.  This is to educate aspiring/new VSL users.  This is to educate each other and further develop our own skills!

    We've got hosting and all that for the blog already.  Just working on the design/colors/etc.

    I'll begin the first challenge in April.  Given all of the talk about the legato options, the new legato blur, the first couple excerpts will focus on those articulations.  

    For anyone who wants to get a headstart, here are the pieces that will probably be challenges 1-3:  

    • Beethoven - Symphony 9, 4th movement Allegro assai starting at bar 92.
    • Strauss - Ein Heldenleben, opening 16 bars.
    • Elgar - Egnima Varations, Nimrod, opening 8 bars.


    I'm looking forward to hearing people's excerpts, and I'll try to find time to contribute myself!

    Stephen, you probably have more excerpts in mind already, but could I also suggest some challenging ones beyond legato:

    • Beethoven 7th movement 2 - will require the ability to coax a variety of detache and slower shorts
    • Glinka Ruslan and Ludmilla - fun test for extremely agile non-legato yet also non-spiccato
    • Prokofiev Symphony 5, scherzo movement - will require nuanced control of note attacks and accents for the melodic motif