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  • Jonah and the Whale

    Hi everybody!

    I composed this piece a while ago and thought I would be nice to have a bit more depth in the orchestral section in the middle of the piece.

    So here it is:

    I used Woodwinds Extended, Brass Extended, Dimension Brass and  the beautyfull Chamber Strings..

    Piccolo, Bass Clarinet, Drums, Percussion and Timpani come from the Complete Special Edition.

    As reverb for the orchstral section I used the build-in Algo Reverb of Vienna instruments Pro. I find it quite satisfactory and easy to use.

    And I have to admit that I added a layer of Noteperformer Strings to the String Section. NotePerformer handles fast passages incredible well, so I thought I might give it a try. I think it gives some depth to the Strings.

    The Orchestral Section is entirely set up in Sibelius and rendered directly from there.


  • Hi Stefan,

    You have some nice idea as a concept, but there are two weaknesses in your rendition: the overall volume is too low and the room in which your piece plays, is not so consistent. It looks like the different instruments are in different places with a severe separation between L en R. Rendering directly from notation software is extremely difficult and requires tons of dynamic signs and movements (the same for the tempo). Maybe you should consider using a DAW and some clean reverb tool (there are many free tools on the internet). Placing your instruments can be done in a convolution reverb (spacial) and the final reverb can be an algorhythmic reverb (in the master).

    Keep up the good work!


  • Thanks Jos for your feedback!

    You are right. The main problem is that I don't consider myself much of a sound engineer. These are highly trained people with very good technical and hearing capabilities. So I tried to take the easy way by not trying to fiddle with too much plug-in tech and keep to simple solutions.

    Well, I think this was an error and started to move the project to Cubase, as you suggested. Will post a newer version as soon as I got some results that are hopefully better than the previous.

    Any way, thanks again. Your comments are very helpful!


  • Now a complete remix in Cubase, using its Panning Features and REVerence - Austrian Concert Hall as Reverb:

    Best Stefan

  • Nice improvement, Stefan. You're on the right way now.

    Keep up the good spirit!


  • Thank you Jos!

    I used three instances of REVerence - Austrian Concert Hall . as reverb. Fore-, Middle- and Background. All three differ in Pre-Delay. As a finish I added a layer of Revelation on the final Mix with a wet signal of 20%.

    For EQing I cut down all frequencies below 100 Hertz on all instruments that are not dedicated Bass Voices.

    For Panning I used the MixerDelay with (hopefully) appropriate settings for Left/Reight Ear Delay. Also a reduction of level in  volume.

    For my flutes that would be:

    Delay right ear: 0,25ms
    Level right ear: - 4db

    The final output was normalized to -0,1 db.

    Best Stefan

  • Quite an inspiring composition, as well as other number in "Stories from the Bible".
    I felt a resemblance with some of my own sketches on sacred subjects and I started thinking I wasn't in the wrong direction. So thank you, Stefan, I was encouraged to sit at the piano to write something today.
    Can't tell more about the technical side because I'm listening at it through the bare output of the old white MacBook in my secondary non-studio — Jos, you can argue I'm not at home these days!

    VI Special Edition 1-3, Reaper, MuseScore 3, Notion 3 (collecting dust), vst flotsam and jetsam
  • Thank you Fabio for your encouraging comments!

    Yes, I like these stories very much. I grew up as a child listening to them .No, we had no TV then.

    Although I'm not particuarily religious anymore I find these stories full of drama and I'm amazed by the creative output that was inspired by them over history, time and place.

    Best Stefan

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