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  • Synchron Strings - Mic Position information?

    Now that the library is available in its entirety - I was wondering if the good people of VSL could perhaps provide us with a quick informative rundown of the available mic positions?

    The library manual doesn't really provide detailed information in this regard and I figured it might be really helpful for a lot of users who were predominantly relying on a VSL-based setup and perhaps aren't familiar with working with multiple mics. Further, this library offers an extensive array of mic positions and some of them are not as clear-cut because it's a bit different than other multi-mic libraries that mostly follow the usual close - tree - ambient paradigm.

    For example, I wonder how and with which purpose in mind does the close mono mic come in handy? Since there is already a pretty dry stereo mid mic position available that offers a good amount of a more direct and focused signal to go with the decca. Why is there a "section leader" mono mic in a large ensemble library?

    Similarly, I was wondering what kind of ground the centered mono decca mic covers. How is this best used and what does it bring to the table sonically?

    Maybe we could get some general information on the available mic positions and some pointers and starting points for useful and interesting mic combinations?

  • I've found that the VEP Synchron Strings Stereo preset (for standard Vienna Suite) is a satisfactory beginning point -- good, clear space between all the sections.  In it, the 1st Violins and Cello center mic on the decca tree is muted while the close mono mic is panned hard L/R, respectively.