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  • A New Composition Using VSL


    I recently finished a new composition using this wonderful product and was wondering what I am missing by not updating the VSL program I have.  Mine is the Volume One version.  I have never used any music program like this in the past;  what I mean is, I have never composed any music in this genre using any product on the market.

    I have been using VSL for about a year and a half but very much consider myself new to this environment.  It just simply sounds so good to me.  It really does inspire me to keep going.  I am not a classically trained musician by any stretch of the imagination.  

    Here is a link to the piece. (You will probably have to copy & paste)



    Maybe someone can tell me something about the articulation of the instruments.  Am I "doing it right"?  I always appreciate any critique that can help me improve.  Thanks!

  • Hi John,

    With pleasure I've listened to your composition. It is inspired and well crafted. There's little to say about the articulations since you did a good job with the VSL instruments. Some releases are a bit short which makes the instruments sound as if interrupted and some bigger space would give the piece a more natural impression. As for the rest, a fine composition!


  • Hello Jos,

    Thank you so much.  Your advice about the releases of the instruments is very much appreciated.  It is something that I have not considered and am glad to be aware of for future compositions.

    I have said in other posts on this forum that working with the VSL has given me a great appreciation for the musicians in the orchestra.  The skill and dedication to play their instrument with perfection is just amazing; many, many years of work I'm sure.

    Thanks again Jos

    John Minardi

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