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  • Some help before purchasing Mir Pro 24


    I'm demo testing Mir Pro 24 and a couple of the Room packs now, but I'm a little confused. 

    1. Does Mir Pro 24 come with any of the Room packs or is it completely without any rooms?

    2. Do you know how much CPU and RAM one instance of Mir Pro 24 use?

    3. Does Miracle come with Mir Pro 24? I didn't realize I had a Miracle demo also until it suddenly appeared in my Audio FX list in Logic. Is Miracle a simple version of Mir Pro 24, or an algorithmic reverb based on Mir Pro 24?

    4. Is it possible to have early reflections "bleed" from one instance with the woodwinds to one instance with the brass, or is there some automatic thing going on between the instances, as the placement of instruments changes the room and how the sound is developed. This is why some like to bleed early reflections by sending this between buses.

    5. Does it work well for placing whole instrument sections, or does it have to be each instrument (I know you can, but wondering if 20 violins in one instance or 12 horns in one instance sounds OK or weird). The reason I ask is that my system would not handle each instrument in the orchestra + various solo instruments/non-orchestral. So my plan is groups:

    1. Flutes + piccolo

    2. Oboes + English Horn

    3. Clarinets + Bass clarinets

    4. Bassoons + Contrabassoons

    5. Horns

    6. Trumpets

    7. Trombones + Tuba

    8. Harp + Piano

    9. Violin 1 desk 1

    10. Violin 1 desk 2

    11. Violin 2 desk 1

    12. Violin 2 desk 2

    13. Violas desk 1

    14. Violas desk 2

    15. Cellos desk 1

    16. Cellos desk 2

    17. Double basses

    18. Timpani

    19. Mallets

    20. Various low percussion

    21. Various high percussion

    22. Choir 1

    23. Choir 2

    24. Solo 

    Which I hope my system can handle.

    6. Is having two different instances for choir necessary or can I just use the width slider for it to reach the left and right side of the choir? Is more than one instance for each desk for the strings necessary? I thought of it as a compromise for not having every instrument in Mir Pro 24.

    7. Is it recommended to use Mir Pro on a slave computer inside VEP6? Or on the master machine inside the daw?

    8. If on the slave, can I still use Miracle in the DAW on my master machine?

    9. Do you have an overview of the dimensions of the various halls in each Roompack?

    10. Must Mir Pro be added as a plugin on each instrument/mixer channel, or can I have one instance of Mir Pro on its own bus, and send the instruments to it?