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  • CC11 support in Percussion soundset for Sibelius

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    I use VSL soundsets for Sibelius with the full libraries and they work quite well. But now I'm working on a piece that involves a lot of cresc. and dim. with rolls (triangle, drums, cymbals). I know that the manual recommends using Sibelius Cresc/Dim Playback plugin but I find it cumbersome.

    My research led me to this old post by Andi:

    Anyway, here is how you can incorporate CC11 for the cymbals.

    1. Load the sound set with the Sound Set Editor
    2. Go to the Programs page
    3. Click on Cymbals
    4. Change Volume type to "Expression"
    5. Change Attack type to "NoteOnVelocity"
    6. Save the sound set

    Which is exactly what I did in a duplicate version of the soundset (attached to this message).*

    I applied my custom soundset and enabled Vel xFade in the instruments' interfaces. And nothing has changed. My intuition tells me Sibelius is not sending CC11 when it parses the hairpins, because Drums, Cymbals and Percussions programs are drum maps, not patches.

    I am confused and frustrated as I always am when editing XML produces no tangible effect. If you have any clue that would be much welcome.

    Thank you,

    * I did it in Notepad++ since the SSE won't install these days for some certification issue with Adobe. But the XML is very clear and I have checked that the "PatchList" section is the only place where you assign volume controller to programs and drum maps. But maybe I'm missing something!

  • Hello Anne-Sophie!

    Please forget about this very old post that you have digged out from somewhere. I recommend doing as written in the "Optimizing Sibelius Playback" manual, page 21. I do it myself this way.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you very much Andi, I'll follow your recommendations. Over the years I've learnt that things simply work when you follow VSL's manuals (and Vienna writes the most detailed and informative manuals of all sample library industry).


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