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  • Es will mir nicht gelingen???

    Ich mache es sehr kurz. Linker Computer mit DAW Mikroeingängen über Ableton Live 10. Ich möchte die Mikrofonsignale über VEP zum richtigen Computer übertragen. Geht das überhaupt?

    Habe zwei Keys


  • Welcome Martin240,

    let's stick to English, please - that way it's easier for other forum members to gain information from your thread, too.

    In answer to your question: What you're looking for is a VST/AU plug-in called "Vienna Ensemble Audio Input". This plug-in is the link for audio signals routed from your host to VE Pro. 

    Be aware that this feature is highly dependent on the tolerance of the host in respect of "hacks" like this. More recent versions of Cubase/Nuendo are known for their restrictive handling, for example, and will stutter with just a few "VE Pro Audio Inputs". Keep in mind that VE Pro has been invented as virtual rack for MIDI-controlled instruments. Its additional use as external FX rack is not its main purpose.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library