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  • Indecision

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    Hope you enjoy this suspense piece, with synchron strings and some synchron perc. + harp.


    Indecision 2 (closer mic)

  • Oh Boy! I dont know how you do it, but you got some amazing realism from those strings. Absolutely perfect rendering. At times the strings passages sounded Hermann-like. (of course infused with your own originality)

  • That is just awesome, I love it.  I want to see the movie this is for!  Oh, there is no movie ?  Well this music is better.  The composition is so good it is delicious.  I feast on music of this kind from all eras of film music and this is a great example of the style.  That is not easy to do.  Far beyond most famed film composers today.  Few can do this level of musicality and intense evoking of mystery and suspense.  

    Also, the sound of the strings is very dimensional, one can hear the spatial aspect so clearly.  It is a really great demo of the Synchron realism.   

  • Hi Guy,

    I'm glad you presented two different recordings. As was predictable, I would prefer the close mic recording where the space is still ample and clear and so the entire orchestration. The piece sounds indeed so realistic that it could easily fool every experienced listener. And than there is the musical quality which is simply outstanding. Another gem and perfect demo!

    Thanks for sharing,


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    @Guy Bacos said:


    Hope you enjoy this suspense piece, with synchron strings and some synchron perc.  + harp.


    Indecision 2 (closer mic)

    Wow, what an awesome composition, and fabulous midi-performance. Incredibly suspenseful and had me on the edge of my seat wondering what would come next.

    Both versions sound great. I personally preferred the more distant mix to the closer mix. Just personal taste. 

  • Thanks for the commnets guys! 

    -agitato, yes I don't know why but the Herrmann style seems to come natural for me, but I think it's about appreciating certain types of chords. I mean, if you dig these chords, why not use them? :)

    -William, yes it's for a big Spielberg movie, just kidding. Nah, it's just random scenes from my head. I appreciate your comment though! 

    -Jos, glad you appreciated the newest mix, it does mix a difference changing a few nobs here and there. 

    -Paul, great that you enjoyed the composition, it was a fun challenge. 

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