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  • I am Free - Synchron Strings/Vienna Imperial Epic Fantasy/Inspirational Attempt

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    I wanted to try a completely different style of music on this song. I have never done anything like this before. I decided to call it "I am Free" because of the feeling it gave me to break away into something new as well as the type of sound I was attempting to achieve.

    I honestly don't even know what category/genre of music this would actually fall into so if you do please feel free to educate me. I was going for an epic fantasy sort of inspirational type sound. Something absolutely the opposite of anything I have ever tried. I really enjoyed working on it and the struggles it brought me but also learning how to create sounds and rhythms.

    The title then reminded me of my days in the military, the friends I lost and that freedom is not free. I am sitting here today in the comfort of my home because of people all over the world protecting my right to be free.

    Being a Veteran, I want to say thank you to all the men and women all over the world who wake up early, stay up all night and go without food and water for days, stay apart from their families for months or years to give me such a wonderful place to live and breath.

    i am truly grateful for the past, present and future people who will continue to give us all the greatest gift ever. The ability to be free and have opportunity to be anything we choose.

    Don't waste your life. Remember that others gave theirs so we could be here today. I dedicate this song to those people.

    **Piano is Vienna Imperial. All parts except the Rhythm was played in live.**

    I am Free - Synchron Strings


  • Thank you for sharing your music! While stylistically, it isn't really what many users on this forum gravitate to, it is pleasant, well-mixed, and a good attempt at a new genre for you. Congrats! David Carovillano

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