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  • Vienna ensemble crashing on plugin scan - again

    Yet another update (are they getting much more frequent or am I imagining it)?

    Once again, I'm sat staring at the VE interface, as it tries (and seemingly fails) to scan my plugin library. I don't even use plugins in VE. 

    Can you please not do one of the following two things?

    1. Try and write the software so that a simple plugin scan can be completed within an hour?


    2. Create some preference that allows plugins to be disabled within Vienna Ensemble?

    This software used to be great, it's becoming a PITA these days - if I could use the VSL libraries within Kontakt (rock solid by comparison) I'd do so in a heartbeat.



  • Oh, and now it's just crashed during scan. Again.

    You guys have really screwed the pooch on this one, eh?

  • Hello Mike,

    I have never experienced such problems with VE. If you don't need these plugins in VE try following:

    1. Move all Non-VSL / DAW plugins to from your plugin-folder.
    2. Start VE and go to Options -> Preferences -> Plugins -> VST Settings... -> Remove all folders
    3. Close VE and move your plugins back to the folder

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Good tip Ben - VE has finally now started, and while your suggestions were spot-on, I've just taken your step 2, and removed all folders from VE. That'll serve my purposes well enough.

    Thanks for your help. I'm glad VE is working for you - every time I updated the re-scan was causing crashes, freezing at plugin scan, and it doesn't look like I'm on my own. Time = money after all.

    All best


  • This is probably caused by an instable plugin I do not have.
    If you have the time you could try to identify this plugin (by moving the plugins one by one into the plugin folder -> rescan) and contact the developers of the plugin / VSL (->

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Dunno, it seems to freeze on a different one each time. If it were consistent, I reckon this might be the case (all plugins are very stable elsewhere, and all up-to-date with their copy protections etc).

    I'll try doing it one by one as and when I get time though, thanks for the suggestion.

  • I tried something out today. Maybe it'll work for you. I have 3 computers and I recently had to reinstall the VEP 5 software on: x1 Macbook Pro (64bit) / x1 Windows PC Tower (64bit)  / x1 Windows PC Laptop (32bit) 

    -Macbook Pro (x64bit)                                                                               

    -32bit VEP 5 programs crashed (crashed when scanning VST files).

    -64bit VEP 5 programs opened without crashing 

    PC Tower (x64bit)                                                                                        

    -32bit VEP 5 programs opened without crashing 

     -64bit VEP 5 programs opened without crashing 

    PC Laptop (x32bit)                                                                                        

     -32bit VEP 5 programs opened without crashing 

     -64bit VEP 5 programs opened without crashing  (64bit version consumed all cpu power)


    I've heard of people prefering to use x32bit mode in certain DAW arrangments, I guess for processing power reasons and plugin compatability reasons. Anyway, my mac was crashing when VEP5x32bit was scanning plugins and would not initialize. Then I tried opening VEPx64bit on my mac and it scanned plugins no problem.