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  • Sibelius - some instruments not reacting same as others

    I have 24 instruments in two instances of  Ve Pro the 2nd being VE Pro event input. There are 16 instruments in the first and 8 in the second. I have set up the score and playback confiuration carefully and in accordence with the Optimizing playback guide. The whole of the 1st VE Pro react properly. The 1st three insturments in the 2nd VE Pro event input react correctly but bizzarly the 4th to 9th instruments do not. They do not react to any dynamic or articualtion changes. I've tried everything I can think of but to no avail. It  is an all brass arrangement. The 1st VE Pro has 1 x piccolo trumpet, 9 x cornets, 1 x flugel horn, 3 x triple horns and 2 x wagner tubas. The 1st 3 instruments in the VE Pro event input are two tenor trombones and a bass trombone, they react properly. The next 6 instruments that are not reacting are 2 x euphoniums and 4 x tubas. I have followed the optimizing guide carefully and can't resolve this. It seems strange that 3 intruments in one instance would react OK but 6 in the same instance don't! Any ideas?

  • Hello David!

    Your problem can have different reasons. I would go through all points in the Troubleshooting chapter of the "Optimizing Sibelius Playback" manual. Maybe you can find a solution there.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
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