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  • It seems as if the Synchronplayer realises nearly exactly what I suggested already 5 Years ago ;-)

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    I was very happy to listen to Paul ProSession Video where he gave among other interesting things a detailed preview of the Synchron player:

    Paul about the new Synchron-Player (He is talking up tp Video Nr.8 and further about the Synchon-Player)

    And guess what I discovered, that they obviously realised nearly exactly what I have already suggested here 5 Years ago.

    Especially when you compare the new "tree-structure" you find even the wording "dimension" used exactly in the way what I asked for as "dimensions of the tonal character":

    "The millions of Samples the VSL produces seem to me just the result of different combinations of those "Dimensions" of tonal character. If it would be just the question, how to navigate through this more and more endless Variety of patches you will sooner or later end up with navigation systems like Native Instruments KORE has introduced, selecting patches by the combination of attributes. This is nice for navigation.

    But the way the VI-Player already indicates might go far beyond just navigation if you would be able to open up more than two/three dimensions of your matrices with some aditional options as it is now. In mathematical Terms: Dont stick on the two or three-Dimensions of the
    cartesian coordinate system. Better think about becomming universal
    n-dimensional and make thoses Dimensions what the user is working with  -
    no longer the single patch, as it seem to be already no problem with the velocity layers, or Slots.

    I would like to have "the same" possibilities in each "Dimension" not only patchchanging in the matrix and different matrices, not only XFade in the slots and Velocity layers. If such Dimensions of sound combine variations of articulations, it would make musical sense not only to change them fast, but also often to XFade through, as the "real" Violinist for instance also must not load another patch to change the duration of his cresc, or the intensity of his vibrato. He could "Xfade" in many directions seemlessly.

    That mean I would like to have the possible variations of Sound stacked together to either scroll or also fade through comparable samples controlling just the different kinds of written articulations with expression maps, but change the certrain character of a Staccato, or legato or whatever with his own Midi CC-Data (I think 128 CC's should be enough even to control the Millions of Samples VSL is still going to produce in the comming years 😉 ).

    But done this consequently by the developer might reduce the work for the user, who would no longer hassle around with lots of different libraries and their more and more endless Variety of patches, but will just control the "Dimensions" of Variations available of a certain kind of articulation. As you sell different Libraries today, you might than sell available dimensions of Articulation of libraries making the samplesets as versatile as a user would like to pay for."

    OK since (exept two shy answers from other comunity members) nearly absolutly no one and especially no one of VSL ever answered in any way to those sugestions I confess I simply have had some severe doubts If anyone there would be able to any intelligent response to a intelligent suggestion at all. Or even might be simply blind and ignorant enough to simply ignore it.

    OK I confess they nevertheless obviously indeed  finally understood it and I confess I am very impressed of what I learn from Pauls Synchron-Player Preview how far they now exactly 5 Years later in fact seemed to have realised nearly any detail of my suggestion. That seems to me be a pretty great work and a great job and once again throws the World of Kontakt-Orchestral-Library-competitors for the most part back in the Position of hopeless Sample-Dinosaurs.

    So even if I would have perhaps appreaciated a smarter, more open and friendly kind of discussion of serious suggestions like that I am at least happy that VSL found the right direction to make the unparalleled wealth of detailed sampling available in a more and more musical reasonable and userfriendly way. Especially when you go on adapting the existing Libraries to this concept to as Paul also indicated in Video Nr.8.

    So even if you might improve prehaps some aspects of the way discussion are made, the most important thing is keep your Ears and Eyes open and keep on working like this. 

    And btw. Is there any releasetime for the Synchron player?  I think I do need it running stable as soon as possible, since it is simply a great new and pretty smart concept of articlation controle 😃