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  • Slower than normal load and save times on big template

    Hi folks.  I've run into an issue on my Windows 10 slave PC in the last little while.  I've got a pretty large template loaded into it, around 100 GB of my 128 GB of RAM, mostly consisting of Kontakt instruments, and with everything running off of SSDs.  My usual load times for the template have been around 10 minutes when starting from scratch, but in the last week or so that's turned into 25+ minutes.  I've changed a few Kontakt instruments in the template, but nothing that I can think of that'd dramatically change things, and nothing else has changed on the computer.  I've tried a few other templates, and it seems to be the same situation.

    My template is spread across 8 VE instances, with the three orchestral instances preserved, and the other sections of add-on instruments not preserved (they're the instruments that'll change cue to cue).  I'm using Digital Performer on a 12-core MacPro trashcan, and nothing has changed on it other than a few new plugins.  The template loads up the PC before loading the VE stuff I've got on my Mac, so it seems to me that it's not a Mac problem.  All the Kontakt instruments have been batch resaved on their drives in their current locations. 

    A (no doubt related) problem is save times are also much longer than normal.  Usually 15-20 seconds is about what I'm looking at, but I just hit save and it took 3:30, which is a pretty unusual thing.  And when hitting save it took about 1:45 before seeing the VE progress bars on the PC at all.

    In the past, I've had some luck by turning off Windows Defender, or by excluding all the drives from being scanned.  I'm much more of a Mac guy than Windows, really just using it for VE, so I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but it appears that all the drives are being excluded currently.  Running VE decoupled doesn't seem like it's going to work for me, having everything load with the sequence is a much preferred way for me to work.

    I'm about to head into a busy stretch of work with some tight timelines, so if anyone has suggestions they'd be greatly appreciated.