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  • Switching Projects with VEP and Logic Pro X

    Can I check this is expected behaviour when switching projects. A comment someone made on another forum made me think twice about the way it behaves for me?

    I have a main Mac running Logic pro X 10.4 and 2 PC slaves running VEP.

    In order to maximise CPU I have sveral instances of VEP on each, for example an instance might contain 12-16 Kontakt or Play instances for articulations of an instrument.

    So each slave has about 12-14 instances of VEP projects in a server rack.

    If I have a large project loaded connected as Preserved/Decoupled, if I close this and open another project, I have to wait some time as it first has to close all the connections, then reopen them.

    I have had other people say it only takes seconds for them, but I wondered is this a limitation of working in Logic?