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  • Adding Kontakt VST vs AU in VEP Pro

    Can someone please tell me,  is it more effeciant to load the AU version or the VST version of Kontakt (or any other plugin for that matter) in VEP Pro, if your on Mac? I see both listed when I go to install a plugin. I notice under VST, is says "Native Instruments GmbH" and and you have more selection as to how many outputs you want Kontakt to have, compared to just stereo or mono in the AU version. I would assume having less outputs would be more efficient but maybe I'm missing something here. 


    Thanks! VEP Pro 7 2023 M2 Ultra Mac Pro, 192GB ram, 4TB SSD 2013 MacPro RME UFX +, Earthworks mics, Neuman mics, Earthworks Preamp,