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  • please add one thing... simple

    In the slave vsl add a plug-in that can be routed to that computer's physical ins and outs as to use hardware effects and synths.... also Cubase only allows one driver but I have gear that can hook up via USB.thus can be used in vsl...also can route more external gear...seams simple to add.... please

  • It would be great to add external effects from the slave computer...and if sync is. Problem it can be word clocked to the main daw....cause Cubase says it's Max channel count is 256 mono ins and outs...and for my situation that might not be enough... believe it or not...I need to run 2 24 track tape machines and pre amps and monitoring and outs to a digital console 128 and about 8 48 space racks of outboard gear...and at 96k . headphones.if I can run 2 or 3 slave computers with same madifx cards I can use them for the gear if vepro can do 700 audio I plan to use a 10gb network so I assume vepro would run faster and lower latency...but Cubase has delay compensation for every c' easy thing to make my life easy...I don't want to make analog patch Bays

  • Does anyone think that this would be a useful feature.. nobody uses external gear any more!!!!