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  • Plug-ins scanning issue

    Hi there,

    Every time I try to open Vienna Ensamble it starts scanning my instrumments but it gets stuck on a loop.

    Once it finishes going through the plug-ins it starts over and never ends.

    Is there a way to open VE without scanning the plug-ins? I don't need them on my VE but I need the plug-ins where they are so I can use them on my DAW.





  • Mac?  PC?

    Operating Sytem?

    Which DAW?

    Which version of VEP?




  • I'm on a macbook pro 10.12.6 MacOS Sierra

    Vienna Ensamble 6.0.16777

    It failed with DP, Logic and any DAW I try. As well as the standalone.

    I've tried a test account and it didn't work. Deleted the plist files, manually reinstalled VE.

    Changed my plug-ins folder's name and nothing works.

    I work as tech support at Berklee College of Music and have seen two other students with the same issue and they were both unable to fix it.

  • I just upgraded to v6 and I'm having a similar problem to what's described here. Ensemble is testing the vst plugins and crashes frequently, ie "...unexpectedly quit"

    I went through my VST and AU components folder and removed some old software. Seems to have improved and it loads better now. Stability while running samples yet to be shown! 

    I'm on OSX 10.12.6