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  • VEPro - VSL Metaframes sometimes load with wrong panning and volume data

    Running VEPro on 32 GB ram PC slave, System: Windows 8.1.
    Running current versions of VSL software:
    VePro 5.4.16181.
    Vienna Instruments 5.30.13477.

    Running large 32 GB VEPro Metaframe consisting of many VSL projects as well as many Kontakt and Mach V 3.2 projects.

    Since a month when I load my large 32 GB metaframe, often the VSL projects open with all the instruments loaded, but individual channels are all panned hard left and their volumes are set to nothing - instead of the panning and volume data that I saved in the individual projects and saved in the large metaframe.

    When I restart the PC and reload the large metaframe the VSL data occasionally loads and opens correctly but mostly it doesn't (panning and volume data is wrong). It seems to load differently each time which means in order to use it I have to set all individual VSL channels panning and volume by hand each time I load, instead of all loading correctly automatically as they should.

    The Kontakt and Mach V 3.2 projects always open with the correct panning and volume data per instrument.

    For several years VEPro has worked flawlessly - I can't understand why it's now unreliable for VSL projects?

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Marnix at VSL support helped deduce that the problem was Automation Mapping set on the VSL instances in VEPro on my slave PC. Once I deleted the bogus automation mapping parameters in the VSL projects on my PC slave everything began to work again as it should.

    I never set the automation mapping paramets intentionally, the projects must've gotten corrupted by themselves somehow.

    Anyway, all's well that apparently ends well.
    Thanks Marnix and VSL!