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  • Please I need help to choose

    Hi Everyone,

    I have only three questions :)

    1. If you have to choose only between Synchron Str 1 or Orchestral Strings for your every day projects, which one would you buy? (classical music and Hollywood style)
    1. If you have to choose only between Teldex or Synchron Stage Room Pack for your every day projects, which one would you choose? ( most versatile)
    2. Side by side comparison sound quality of Special edition Orchestral Strings and Orchestral strings Standard, how different  do they sound? ( I know they have different articulations and so on) 
    I own a Special edition for a while but the sounds of Orchestral Strings are little bit harsh to my ears.
    I want to expand my library ( have limited budget ) need your advice.

  • Hi

    1. If you can't afford Orchestral Strings Full library, go with Synchron Strings 1.

    2. Synchron Stage Roompack would be my choice. That way, you'll be able to place your Special Edition instruments in the same stage as Synchron Strings 1.

    3. The Special Edition Orchestral Strings cover nearly the same articulations as Orchestral Strings Standard library. The sounds are the same. That's why I recommend the Full library. There are a lot of useful articulations in this package.

    Hope it helps.



  • @1) Really depends I'd go for Synchron as they seem to be the "Next Generation" thing

    @2) My favorite is Synchron, but just compare the demos (And if you choose Synchron at 1, then definitely Synchron)

    @3) I can't compare Strings, but on Woodwinds the differences are
    -) Articulations (You know already)
    -) Velocity Layers --> Huge Benefit on Full
    -) Half-Tone Sampling --> For me not a real game changer, except when adding second violins over transpose function