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  • "Transcendence" for Symphony Orchestra

    Third and final movement of "The Age of Humans"

    All movements have now been re-edited with MIRx


  • Hi Stavrinski,

    With great interest I listened to the "Transcendence - Age of Humans" and the other pieces. Normally I wouldn't comment on such soundscape narrative music, but somehow it thrilled me and got me inside the story. I must say that your music is very intriguing and never disturbing (I'm a little afraid of too much dissonance), quite the contrary. The story that you tell is so detailed and almost visual, that it carries me along for the full content. And it wasn't only the music itself, but the way you performed it in the virtual world: such lovely acoustics, very nice sounding instruments, transparent orchestration and balanced into all the subtleties. That alone is more than a good reason to keep listening!

    I'm glad I too the courage to start listening!


  • Hi Jos

    Many thanks for your encouraging comments :-)



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