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  • Zemlinsky Maeterlincklieder op.13 as just orchestral accompaniments Complete Orchestral Songs As Just Accompaniments Without Singer/260305

  • This is extremely impressive music -  a huge amount of fine work.  I really like the Mahler also - congratulations on it!  

  • Dear William,

    thank you for this encouraging reply. Please keep in mind that I'm willing to transfer complete playbacks as wav files to your personal e-mail adress if you want.

    I think, at the time of the last posts on Mahler the following works were not yet done, so I'd like to add the links to those created (and published as extended excerpts on Youtube) in last year's autumn:

    Das Lied von der Erde:

    O Mensch, gib acht! (3rd symphony)

    Wir genie├čen die himmlischen Freuden (4th symphony)

    Liebst du um Sch├Ânheit (R├╝ckertlieder)

    Between Mahler and Zemlinsky I did "Im Abendrot" from Strauss' "4 letzte Lieder", but I will do other things before I go on, because in case of Strauss (dead 1949) I have to wait until 2020 for legal reasons. But I'm daring to put in the link to my "Im Abendrot" excerpt (on Youtube) anyway:

    Thankful and hoping you enjoy listening to my results


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