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  • Playback w/ VEPro MAS in DP & EW Hollywood/Symphonic Choir Wordbuilder not working

    When trying to load EastWest Symphonic/Hollywood Choir Wordbuilder patches on a slave PC and connected via a Digital Perofmer MAS track on Mac DAW playback is not working.

    However, setting up the VEPro track as AU rather than MAS seems to allow choir patches to work as expected. (Haven't yet tested with VEPro setup as VST)

     DP Version 9.5 73657

    VEPro 6.0.16778

    Play 6.0.2

  • To VSL Support,

    I have followed up with both Soundsonline & MOTU about this (can provide the support ticket IDs upon request).

    Soundsonline recommended followup with both MOTU and Vienna as they don't inherently support MAS with their underlying software.  MOTU recommended to follow up with Vienna as it is an issue their support believed appears to be limited to VEPro MAS.

    As additional followup, when using Hollywood/Symphonic Choirs as an AU track - I am unable to load more than one instance and Hollywood/Symphonic Choir WB patch at a time.  So currently, each Hollywood/Symphonic Choir WB patch effectively needs to be loaded in individual instances.

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    OK it is already some years ago that I used the East West SC and its Wordbuilder together with VSL. I had even as VST in VE-Pro 'some' problems and ended up to keep the Choir out of VE-Pro and let it work directly as VST in Cubase either routing the Audio-signal in the VE-MIR or even Bouncing short segments of the choirparts and routing the playback of the wav-audio-track from the sequencer into VE-Pro.

    But that was 4-5 Years ago. I still hope the Play updates would have improved the reliability of the East-West-Wordbuilder (which musically I would like very much for his language assimilation if it would ever as rock solid as the software we are used to get from VSL.)

    I dont know if that helps very much or at least might comfort you a bit in your problems. 😉

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    @fahl5 said:

    I dont know if that helps very much or at least might comfort you a bit in your problems. 😉

    Thanks but I am able to work around the issue by loading one instance and one WB patch per instance as previously mentioned.

    I'm only reporting this issue as there is, seemingly, inconsistency in its application with VEPro MAS vs AU/VST - subsequenty creating further limitations by not being able to use MAS for these specific sample library patches.

    If you're using Cubase, that wouldn't really have much to do with this as MAS is specific to DP.