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  • Basic stupid question from a newbie - I can't get sound

    RTFM, I know.  My setup my be complicated, but not really.  I originally was going to set this up to run on two MacPros connected via ethernet.  But, for now at least, it's running on one. I'm just trying to run one upright bass preset through Vienna Ensemble Service.  I see the instrument. The meters are moving.  I've chosen the correct output pair, but the sound isn't getting to the interface. VEP 5. Sample rate 96k. 


    Yosemite 10.10.5. DP 9.51. Metric Halo ULN-8. Any ideas off the tops of anyone's heads? What am I missing? 

  • Which meters are moving?  Which DAW?  Ah-I see DP.  I use Cubase, so maybe someone with that DAW will come along.  

  • Is your output on Vienna Ensemble set to Master Bus? This is one of the places a signal can go awry.

  • The meters in the Vienna Ensemble Service window.  The mixer channel.  I'm using Digital Performer 9.51.  I read the set up0 for DP. I thought I'd gave it figured out. 


    So I've hooked up Vienna Ensemble stereo in DP.  I added 16 midi channels, although for now I'm just trying to use ONE track.  VE connects.  I added VI midi channels in the Viena mixer.  I see signal, but it's not coming into my interface.  

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    @pianoguy said:

    Is your output on Vienna Ensemble set to Master Bus? This is one of the places a signal can go awry.

    HM.  OK.  But I'm trying NOT to use the master bus.  Maybe I should start more simply.  I have multiple outputs available.  I'm trying to send it to output 7/8 or 25/26.  So I have out 25/26, which receives signal.  Obviously nothing in the master bus.  But I'd expect to be able to see that output go to my interface input.  Oh.  Let me try something.  I forgot the Aux.  

  • OK!  I have it.  It was the Aux track.  Now I upgraded to Vienna Pro 6.  I'll have to figure that one out.  It's different.  LOL.