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  • getting new mac and keeping my imac 2011 quad as slave?

    it's a 3.4ghz i7 (basically a 2600k) with ssd and 32gb ram.

    I think i'll keep it to use as a screen and a VE pro slave.

    See, i have been testing VE pro all day as a local host on same computer as pro tools/logic/Cubase.

    And even at 128 buffer with 2 additional buffers, 8 instruments in VE pro adds a LOT of dsp usage to the daw's native meter.. Unfortunately this is what i was hoping wouldn't happen.

    So for a local host.. I can't see a reason to use ve pro over the DAW's own Vi handling.. In fact, in my extensive tests, i am able to max out all those DAW's internally to a point there is no "outside" headroom left anyway.

    So it got me thinking about the imac as a slave.

    1) Using a slave, will the host mac/daw suffer from the same cpu problems as it does when ve pro is run on the same mac?


    2) what is the real world latency to play a vsti that is being processed on the slave?