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  • Excessive rendering time using VEP in Cubase-common?

    Hi folks,

    I am new to VEP6.  I have a project with about 50-60 synths and 12 instances of VEP running on a single computer in to Cubase.  In the past when I have use this template without VEP6 when I do an audio export of a song it may take 20-30 minutes.  Now it takes well over an hour for a export of an 8 monute song.  Close to 90 minutes. 

    Is this normal that VEP would add so much to rendering time?

  • I have spent the last 8 hours (yes really) untangling every track and automation from VEP6 and recreating all the synths and automation in Cubase. 

    The final straw was when the song would no longer play because of excessive CPU overload and when I went to bounce the tracks down, I realized that automation that is on the inserts of the audio outputs from the Rack instruments do not get copied over in a dry bounce (like they are with Track instruments).

    Now I can load and play back the whole song without hickups and doing a full export has gone down from 90 munutes with VEP to 7 minutes without.  I have given VEP a try, but it is clearly not suited for my work.  I'm disappointed that I spent so much time and money to come to this realization.  Hopefully others will learn from my mistake.