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  • Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances - settings


    Hi Jay,

    It's about your Rachmanonoff tutorial. This is really wonderfully set and sounds so incredibly natural. That's why I wanted to study your approach thoroughly and I think I have figured out most of it. But some issues remain unveiled, since I don't work with Cubase (that's your DAW, isn't it?). I work with Studio One Pro.

    I've noticed that the percussion instruments are not placed in MIR Pro, so I suppose they are Synchron instruments? And you route every folder through a bus to your DAW's mixer channels. Within the VE Pro instance, there are hardly any effects (EQ, compression, exciters...) and your sliders mostly indicate low volumes.

    • What's the function of the VE groups?
    • How do you pull up the channel volumes? Is it in your DAW?
    • Do you use a limiter or multi band comporessor in your master (or something like Ozone)?
    • Do you use a final EQing in the master?

    And I have another question apart from mixing and mastering. I've seen that you use a different room EQ for almost all instruments. Obviously you didn't do that for the percussion. That made me curious. I really have no clue how to create such a room EQ. In my current project, I have quite a number of percussion instruments that I have to put in MIR, so it might be handy and preferable to insert such a room EQ there as well. Is there some technique or should it be measured on site?

    I know these are a lot of questions and I hope you find some time to answer them. I'm not unexperienced with VSL, but no specialist either.

    Many thanks in advance,