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  • VEP 6 is causing (or contributing to) severe GUI lag in Pro Tools 2018.1

    Through some helpful members on the Avid DUC forum, I have narrowed down a crippling GUI lag issue to being caused by having VEP 6 instances open in a moderately large (200+) MIDI session in Pro Tools 2018.1. (latest version.)

    This issue does not occur in PT 11.3.2, which I had to downgrade to in order to finish a project.

    My main PT system:

    Mac Pro 6,1, OS Sierra, PT 2018.1, VEP6.

    2 x Apple Thunderbolt 27" displays.

  • this behavior usually starts after a session has been open for some time. (But it's definitely VEP 6-related, since all is fine without VEP in a session.)

  • solved (i think):

    removing all AU plugins from the Components folder seems to have solved this issue.