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  • VEP6 crashing in Kontakt


    VEP 6 is crashing all the time if I go from one instance to another to select "purge all samples". What can this be?

    Also, everytime when I reopen VEP6 it asks if I want to open the last project before the crash, I click yes, and nothing happens.

  • It also crashes when loading an instrument in Kontakt from the quick load folder to a specific slot. 

    On average it crashes five times a day.

  • yeah ive found vep 6 any version hates kontact... i have to hit a midi note just to load the libraries.. they freeze other wise.. sometimes that doesn't even work.. and yes vep is the daw.. 

  • I just tested saving in Kontakt 5.8.1, it crashed VE Pro 6, latest.
    I didn't see this behavior before 8.1, however.

  • Only one library doing it and this one has had other weirdness.