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  • Inside the Permafrost

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    Short piece with synchron strings.

    Inside the Permafrost

  • Hi Guy,

    An interesting demo piece for sure. May I ask you this though: did you use the Synchron Strings as they are (with the natural reverb and space) or did you add some additional spacial and reverb effect (such as MIRacle)?

    Thanks for sharing,


  •  I was looking for a more, sort of celestial sound, and so I EQed it cutting some of the mids and increasing the highs, however, I might of over done it and cut off at the same time some of the synchron violins meat, so I don't know if my mix was the best choice here, however, you can appreciate the flexibilty in that regard.

  • That was not the nature of my question, Guy. But I can understand your point of view (permafrost, frozen, ice...): you would have wanted some more iciness (highs) to accentuate that feel. But to my ears there's no problem with that.
    Actually what I meant was the the reverb itself: is that the natural Synchron Strings reverb, or did you add something extra? I'm not (yet) familiar with the strings, only with the Synchron Stages for MIR.


  • Sorry, I answered this because there was nothing else I added to the mix that would alter the sound,  aside from synchron stage MIRacle and a tiny bit of exciter. So synchron stage MIRacle would be the right answer.

  • Thanks Guy!

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