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  • Audio from Slave Server is badly distorted (barely audio)

    Hi Everyone, 

    hoping I'm missing somehting simple here. I've just fired up VEP6 on a slave imac to my master Mac Pro and am having trouble getting things to work as they should. 

    I'm connecting from master to slave with no problems, but my midi activity seems to be only on up keys when I watch the midi indicator in VEP server. On top of this, the audio that does come back through to my DAW (logic) is random and sounds like mass amounts of digital distortion. 

    I'm stumped?

    both macs are running El Cap 10.11 and the latest version of VEP6. 

    Thanks guys. 


  • Maybe you use wifi instead of cable accidentally?

  • Hey thanks for the reply nor17, 

    I'm using a gigabit switch and system prefs says it's running at 1000baseT. 

    Any other suggestions - I'm getting pretty frustrated with it. (:

  • Hi John,

    please get in contact with VSL support staff should be able to get you going swiftly.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library