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  • Load Instance from disk - how to?


    I have been using VEPro always. But I seem to loose my way in the filehandling process.

    I launch the 64bit- server on my main Mac, And then I would like to "populate" the server with some instances of my choice. The first instance has to be created by the + sign or from my DAW, but I do a lot of experimenting so I want to be able to load it from disk, can that be done?

    And all the other instances has to be made the same way, why can't we just have the posibillity to load an instance from the disk? Or can it be done? Is it me that have done something wrong?

    I VEPro 6 running on 2 slaves as well and they both loads a template stored in Icloud, so somehow it's very modern, but in another way it's kind of convoluted.

    Ane help much appreciated.