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  • New Meaning

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    Hi all,

    It's been many months since I've been able to compose as we have been busy building a backyard studio (new baby in the house...enough explanation, right?!)

    This is my first piece done in the new space. I hope you'll enjoy 😊

    Play New Meaning for Woodwind Quintet

    Instruments: VSL winds, standard library, Mir Pro.




    Really nice piece Dave, so full of invention and nice idiomatic writing. There is definitely a little Stravinsky in you.
  • Wow, thanks Mike. High praise indeed! When I was in school, I got to visit Stravinsky's grave while in Venice on an accordion masterclass/retreat. I came home and wrote a silly piece called Barinsky (obviously an homage to both Stravinsky and Bartok). Funny thing is, save for the most well known works, I've rarely ever listened to Stravinsky...but to even have a smidge of his greatness would be an honour, so I'll take your comment and run with it :) lol Dave

  • Hi Dave,

    A backyard piece...? Move it to the chamber music stage please. So much fun to play. Interesting parts for all the players! I'm sure this piece must appeal to a lot of wind ensembles.

    (Some small corrections might be done to the legato transitions in the first flute, but that's only the performance, not the music itself.)


  • Thanks, Jos!  Haha, yes a chamber music concert in my backyard would not be the best acoustic environment.  I will present this piece to some ensembles in the coming months and hopefully get a live performance within 2 years (a bit of sarcasm and reality check all in one).


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