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  • iMac 5k or iMac Pro?


    I plan to upgrade my studio setup and am looking at either the top of the range 5k i7 iMac or bottom of the range 8-core iMac Pro. I could afford to expand the ram of the 5K iMac to 64GB - but if I opted for iMac Pro then I would be limited to 32GB (for now at least).

    I compose in Sibelius and have a good range of VSL instruments and software (including MIR PRO). So my question is - is it better to have more cores and less ram, or more ram and fewer cores?

    Any advice would be most appreciated.



  • Hello Paul,

    it depends. The more samples you are using the more RAM is needed.
    The more instruments are in MIR the more cores are you'll need.

    I upgraded my system to an i5 8600k last week (6 cores @ 3.6-4.2 Ghz) and I am happy, even with bigger projects (the CPU usage is around 50-60% (Appas + Orch + Cham + Solo-strings +  10 Wood + 8 Brass).

    (Not only the core-count is important but also a high CPU-clock.)

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist