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  • Annoying artifact: notes on release after decay of legato patches

    I'm wondering if this is peculiar to my setup or a known issue with a fix: I'm finding that when I play a pLeg patch a) in most instruments, notes decay in a natural way after a few seconds (there are exceptions, like the soprano sax) if they're part of a legato sequence, but not if they're played in isolation, and b) after the note has decayed, when I subsequently lift my finger off the key, usually the note plays again very briefly, breaking the silence (much more pronounced with some instruments than others, e.g. the Viennese horn). I can appreciate having the natural decay of (a) instead of an open-ended sustain, but those little farts after the note has already died out are nothing but a nuisance. Does anybody else experience this, and is there any way to stop it, whether in live performance/recording and/or editing the MIDI? 


  • Turn release samples off for those notes.

  • Great! Thanks so much.