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  • hairpins for vocal staves in Sibelius


    I have imported the VSL house style in Sibelius.  When adding dynamic text (p, f, etc...) to my vocal staves (using VSL solo voices) they are correctly put on top of the staves.  However when I add hairpins (cresc, dim) they are added below the staves, which is unusual, and I never experienced before in other house styles.

    I checked the instrument settings of my solo voices, and the vocal staff checkbox is checked.  This makes me think that it might be an issue with the house style, but then I'd expect that many other users would have reported it earlier, which is apparently not the case.  Any ideas what the reason could be ?



  • Hello Joris!

    I can reproduce your problem and will try to fix it for the next update (if it is indeed saved with the House Style). In the meantime you can change this setting in the following Sibelius menu. Appearance/Design and Position/Lines/Crescendo and Diminuendo/Different default position on vocal staves.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
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