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  • FINALLY 2023: Hosting VST3 plugs inside VE Pro

    I can't find an obvious answer to this in the product information or by forum searching.

    Is it finally possible to host VST3 plugins within VE Pro? I'm still on VEP 5 and would consider upgrading to 6 if it meant I can host my VST3 plugs in it as well as my VST2's.

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Hi Eddyster, 

    I'm afraid VST 3 plug-ins are still not supported in VE PRO 6. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • ... 3 years later and still no VST3 support? Oh My ...

  • +1 come on its' 2021!!!  VST 3 should be supported as standard.

  • I'm a part-time amateur noob, and even I think this is well overdue!

    Pretty please, VSL..?


  • Hi guys, 

    You are right, it IS time. I hope we can fit this in soon, but I can't make any promises right now... 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    ... at least thank you for your reaction Paul and for admitting it is time 😊

    Sometimes I think VEP is treated a bit poorly. But it doesn't deserve that, it's really a great software.

  • I will of course be happy to see VST3 support in VePro. 

    In any case, as a work around for now, I recommend KushView Element to use inside VePro for hosting VST3 instruments.  This plugin is free if you want to compile it yourself, or I think $2 to buy the most recent build of it.  And worth EVERY penny.  it works fine in VePro, most of the other similar products have various problems (ie, BlueCatAudio Patchwork, PlogueBidule, DDMF, etc).

    You can host VST3 plugins inside it, though many of the so called "advantages" of VST3 will not really be utilized that way.  Merely hosting VST3 is not that hard, but what instruments in particular are only VST3 or do you need to use VST3 for?  The VST3 concept has some cool features utilized by Cubase, etc..but building all that fancy support into any hosting DAW is very non-trivial... and I'm not really sure right now which of those features would be useful if hosted directly in VePro, for example.

    If you have an instrument that only comes in a VST3 version (which may increasingly be the case due to Steinberg's licensing rules), then the above work around can keep you going for now.

    See attached image showing Element used inside VePro with a VST3 instrument.


  • Something I really hope VSL will do, while completing VST3 compatibility, is to include advanced microtuning and bending possibilities. The new MIDI 2.0 should include the same specifications, so they are going to become standard.

    Equal tuning and discrete scales are a jail, and they are not always carceri d'invenzione!


  • Since VST3 support is announced as imminent by VSL, I renew my hope that microtuning accidentals can be received from Dorico to the VSL players. The technical infrastructure should be there, now.


  • Hi everybody, 

    Took longer than expected, but VST3 plug-ins are now supported in VE Pro 7!

    Get your new version with your Vienna Assistant and let us know how you like it!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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