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  • Recommendation / Synchron Strings / Solo Strings / Reverb

    Good evening everbody!

    I am little torn between not one but multiple decisions. Hopefully some of you would be so kind to help me or give me some thought input. Id be really thankful : )


    Right now I own Vienna Suite, VI Pro, Epic Horns Full, SE Vol 1 (without Plus), some little bits of Percussions, Prepared Piano, Soprano Choir.

    Also I already ordered and paid Synchron Strings I (Standard) and Solo Strings I (Standard). Which means Im still in the 30 Days return policy period (as I was told).


    I am using VSL since December 2016, in conjunction with Reaper, Studio One (and maybe soon Notion), Tux Guitar, Guitar Pro 5 (sadly havent made the switch to a better program yet, planning on), UAD.

    I use VSL for small pieces, but I also love to do orchestral mockups and compositions.

    That means Im not that advanced with VSL ! ( but Im learning really fast; partly because my main job is live and studio audio engineering in Vienna Austria & having got a history of computer based music production, just not yet that much of classical/orchestral/film. )

    I am semi-educated in orchestration, theory and composition. I use VSL mainly as a hobbyist, but of course I would love to also and in the near future work with it. I will be (albeit slowly) finishing a showreel for film, commercial and electronic production in the next few months.


    I laid aside around 400-600 Euros for further purchase(s) in order to complete a good well-rounded array of instruments and setup (and tools), and there beginns the headache/.. ahm pleasure

    First I originally planned on upgrading Solo Strings I standard to full, which brings me to question 1.)


    1.) I am not that confident with my purchase of Solo Strings I (Standard). Combined with the full library it around 600 Euros that maybe could be better spend elsewhere / on an optional instrument(-group)? 

    I really like the sound of the instruments, also compared Solo Violin I to Solo Violin II. The first one seemed to be much nearer to my liking, but I could live with changing to/using the Solo Violin II because of budget limitations!

    What bothers me is that with the incoming Synchron Strings I I recon that the workflow of those and Solo Strings I with their much lesser amount of velocity layers could be too different? Or in other words: not ideal to be mixed workflow-wise?


    2.) The bigger topic: Reverb / Placement ..... Integration of Synchron Strings I with Silent Stage Instruments

    Of course I did read about the possibility of using MIR Pro and the Synchron Stage Roompack, but this way doesnt seem to be flexible (only synchron stage) and mostly out of reach for my current budget. (MIR 24 should be 295 Euros, Synchron Stage Roompack 6 should be 210 Euros)

    - Maybe someone knows if there is a Vienna Suite Convo/Hybrid Impulse or configuration that comes close to Synchron Stage? Could that be a realistic help to my concern? For the purpose of combining Sychron Strings I with for example SE Vol.1 Instruments roomsound-wise

    Right now it seems that there are no plans for neither a MIRx nor a Vienna Suite Convo Impulse of Synchron Stage

    - Could MIRx (eg Teldex for 79 Euros) a workable solution?

    - Could using VSS (the demo version is fully functional, but without saving! - only used as a panner) be of help? In conjunction with Vienna Suite Hybrid-Reverb


    Thanks for any and every additional input and ideas : )

    Im not opposed to doing some work steps again every time a project is mixed, but of course Id like to focus my time on composing. Also and of course building a good template should be one of my next important steps.


    3.) Recommendations

    As I already pointed out I am really torn between changing/returning and further completing a basic setup of instruments and tools. 

    I am considering Fanfare Trumpets, Solo Strings I Full (or returning the standard), Solo Violin II, Synchron Percussion (just the tom or timpani section), (regular) Percussion section(s) Flugelhorn, Oboe D Amour, MIRx, MIR24, Appassionatas, Orchestral Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Bösendorfer Imperial (as the more expensive Vienna seems to be out of reach money-wise, and also because Ive got only around 380 Gb of SSD split over 2 discs, plus an additional 1 TB hdd, 16 gb Ram)

    - This month we have the Buy2-Get3-Instruments(-Section)-Deal on 

    Every idea is welcome : ) 


    Also, I still got around 35 minutes of Audition Credit left


    Thank you very much, for your time, effort and input ! 

    : )

    Kind regards

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    @Vienna-J said:

    What bothers me is that with the incoming Synchron Strings I I recon that the workflow of those and Solo Strings I with their much lesser amount of velocity layers could be too different? Or in other words: not ideal to be mixed workflow-wise?

    8 instead of 4 (or 2) layers only means that you will have a more adapted sound depending on the volume you play. But it does not mean that difference of the volume itself between ppp and fff is bigger. BTW you can adjust this parameter withe each articulation already now. 

    So we all are hoping that their will not be such a big difference in the sound with the synchron strings as we often have it now with - for example - only two legato layers.

    Solo Strings are not suitable for the synchron strings?

    Until now I always layer all the ensemble strings with the solo strings. They can often add a little bit the typical strings character. Now I see no problem not to use them as well with the synchrons.

    Normally when I am adding those solo strings I always mix them "closer" than the certain ensemble. This adds a sort of 3D-effect in the mean time. So here as well: I believe it will not be a problem to find a solution adding a fitting depth/reverb. And I am also sure that one can find a good solution without having MIRPro. It is probably another case when you want to add the whole orchestra which should fit perfect to the synchron strings. But as long as we do not have this coming up library such discussions are probably just "hot air". Keep in mind that the synchron strings are also recorded close (the way I understand all the information) so it should be possible to use them more dry - without a lot of room from the synchron stage...

    And also: A lot of "sample musicians" worry themselfs about those mixing matters but finally they only use two different articulations in the whole piece so that after 3 notes you know: "Ah! samples!" Or also: They mix the one piece over 3 months until the instruments are complettely out of every natural sound but they use of coarse the correct Room IR. If you are doing a brilliant job in finding the "right articulation for each note" the mixing matter will make a big step backwards. 😉 just because the music sounds as music.

    So concerning the use of "old samples" together with the synchron strings keep  😎😎😎 ... so far my recoomendation.



    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
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    @Beat Kaufmann said:





    Thank you very much for your reply : ) Very fast also !

    Feel free to share more info/advice/insight, or others to join in

  • Hi

    As for the reverb, you should probably wait for the MIRx Synchron Stage. Dietz said it will be released in a near future (maybe the end of the year or during the early months of 2018). As you've already pre-ordered the Synchron Strings I it may not be necessary to purchase the Orchestral Strings as they're apparently quite similar. For the rest, it's hard to tell because it depends on your immediate needs. It took me more than two years to buy everything but I'm glad I did it. All the libraries are amazing. So whatever you choose, you can't really go wrong. Hope it helps.

    Kind regards


  • Hello, about the new preordering Synchron Strings, is there a  30 Days return policy period????How does it work? Please make it clear. Can I preorder and give it back if i do not like? Thank you.

  • Hello, could you please explain me, I do not understand it. I am going to preorder the Synchron Strings.

    Is there a grace period that I have let us say 30 days to  give the product back and money return?

    Thank you

  • Hi Adia,

    I responded to your question in your separate forum thread on this topic which you opened. 
    Best, Stefan